Alright but let me get a cheer leading au. Let me get cheer captain Kira. Let me get a high school, bad boy Derek who wants to chat up Kira. But Kira doesnt have time for that.

But when she does have time for it, let me get some cheesy, cliche eighties, take her to the fair for a first date, win her a stuffed animal, walk her to her door and kiss her goodnight fluff.

Let me get them listening to rock and roll in the camero, skipping classes to be with each other, even though Kira strongly suggested against it. Let me get back seat make outs and and making out in the stacks in the library when it’s raining.

Let me get the both of them never bringing up sex, but spending the night in their parents empty houses baking and listening to jams from the sixties.

Let me get cute Derek throwing flour at Kira’s face and chasing her around the house, tacking her to the floor and tickling her until she can’t breathe.

Let me get cute fights over which movie they’re going to watch. Let me get Derek giving in, because Kira’s pouting is lethal. Then they cuddle on the couch with popcorn and soft drinks and Derek’s fingers restlessly thrumming against her sides.

Let me get bad boy Derek having to wear glasses when he reads her these classic books when they’re in bed together. Let me get Kira thinking Derek’s glasses make him look cuter than ever.

Let me get Derek charming Kira’s parents okay? Let me have this super smart super polite Derek quit smoking and cussing for show and deciding that college is a good idea. Let me have Kira encouraging Derek to play basketball. Let me have Derek painting Kira’s face their school colors before the game and giving her good luck kisses, because Kira gets nervous when she’s on top of the pyramid sometimes.

Can I have Kira and Derek going out for ice cream and stealing bites from each other. Let me get Derek telling her he was accepted into such and such college and Kira being so so proud of him. Let me get Derek asking Kira to prom, even though its obvious that he wouldn’t take anyone else. Let me have Kira nitpicking her dress and being nervous that Derek won’t like it. Let me have Derek thinking Kira is the most beautiful girl on the entire planet and he is damn lucky she gave him the light of day. Let me get prom queen Kira dancing with Derek during the dance. Let me have Derek and Kira play video games all night in the hotel they rented for the night because they can.

Let me have Kira and Derek graduating high school as “couple most likely to be together for fifty years”.

They’ll go to college, different colleges and sometimes its a little difficult but Kira keeps the cam on even when they’re studying because catching Derek staring at her sometimes makes her smile.

Let me get the two of these dorks falling asleep together on the phone.

Let me have Derek and Kira fight because the strain of school and not being together is too much for Kira to handle. Because she has too many dance rehearsals and Derek is always on the bball court and their scheduled don’t coincide anymore. Text messages don’t cut it much.

Let me have the two of them breaking up for a little while, deciding to stay friends but it doesn’t work for long. Let me get Derek driving cross the country to see Kira and get her back because she’s the best damn thing that’s ever happened and he’s not about to give up on her because its hard.
Let me have Kira wanting to get back together with Derek. Let me have them spending the whole night holding each other, gentle kisses, and touching, promising that fighting is stupid and they’re never going to do this again.

Let me have the two of them graduating college with degrees and big smiles and happy families cheering for them.

Let me have Derek taking Kira out for dinner, asking her to move in with him. Let me have Kira say yes but on the one condition she gets to decorate.

They’re so dumb and in love with each other and not once have they ever had sex and I’m so in love with that.

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Hey look, Liam hoodies are now available in the store (after 85 years because I’m really behind in pretty much everything!)

Now try and win one because I feel bad for making everyone wait forever for these. I’m sorry I’m trash.

Also to note: I’m going to be at Dragon*Con this weekend onto Monday so I’m not going to be around much to field questions about this particular giveaway run. Also, it’s going to run a little bit longer than usual for that reason. Please be patient with me :(

  • Someone will get a lacrosse hoodie!
  • Any size, any character (it doesn’t have to just be Liam, but he is brand new, so that’s neat!)
  • Shipped anywhere.
  • TO ENTER: Like and/or reblog this post ONE TIME. Please don’t spam. Please don’t use side blogs. Please be fair to other people and make my life a lot less chaotic. 
  • THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd. A winner will be notified via tumblr message after 10PM PST

Okay, sound good? 

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Sinqua Walls’ Ice Bucket Challenge

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I don’t have much practice in things like forgiveness. Some things I’m picking up fast, but other things are like… Like m a t h.

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lydia martin appreciation week: day 2 - favorite outfits/hairstyles

my head is an animal.

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Lydia Martin Appreciation Weekday 2 - favourite hairstyles

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