Labeling the crushes young children have on same-sex peers as “inappropriate (read: too sexual)” for a family audience tells me two things: that you are a homophobe, and that you cannot conceive of innocent sexless love between young gay children. So basically you are twice a homophobe.

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lydia martin meme | two friendships
Scott can’t really be with them. He can’t be.

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Femslash Week 2014!

Mark your calendars, because Monday August 4th to Sunday 10th, twfemslash is hosting femslash week! We accept all mediums and ships featuring established female characters. 

The themes for the week are

Monday Supernatural
Tuesday Kink/PWP
Wednesday Rare Pairs
Thursday AU/Crossovers/Fusions
Friday Future
Saturday Polyamorous
Sunday Tropes

When posting, use the tag #twfemslash. More details about the event and the themes can be found here. Prompts are accepted from today until August 3rd, just send us an ask

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Teen Wolf AU: Lydia has always had a natural talent for art. She’s always in need of a few models. Or just one. Malia did offer. She doesn’t just want to draw, Malia. She’d like a more hands on approach, actually. 

Or the one where Lydia draws Malia like one of her French girls. 

make me choose: Logan/Veronica or Jess/Rory (asked by labyrinthinepenumbra)


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