Season 4: Outfits: Malia Tate
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stalia week: day three » let’s get physical
↳ 8 favorite moments of contact

and this is the map of my heart, the landscape
after cruelty which is, of course, a garden, which is
a tenderness, which is a room, a lover saying Hold me
tight, it’s getting cold.
                                              — Richard Siken

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The One with the Prom Video


The One With The Prom Video



"Yeah kiddo?" Stiles answers, hiding a smile when Lila wrinkles her nose at him as she sits down.

"M’not a kid, dad."

"You’ll always be a kid to me.  What’s up?"

"I was watching videos with Aunt Ally today —"

Stiles widens his eyes and puts his kindle down on the table.  ”Oh God, what did she show you?”

"Ally didn’t show me porn, dad, calm down."

"I — you’re far too young to know about porn."

"I’m fifteen."

"Too young," Stiles insists, nudging her with his shoulder.  "What did she show you?"

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little known fact about me: black cherry freezes from taco bell are my lifeblood. 

I'm glad you guys came.

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the world needs an allison/kira shotgunning fic. 

they’re hanging out together and talking about what all they have and haven’t done, just getting to know each other better. and allison says she’s never gotten high. 

kira’s like “do you want to?” 

allison shrugs, and kira’s like “we can shotgun if you want. its easier, but no pressure.” 

allison thinks about it for a moment and then she’s nodding, saying, “yeah, yeah i wanna try”

kira gets a bowl packed and takes a hit, pulling allison close, their lips brushing together just barely as allison breathes in while kira breathes out. 

and the more hits they share the sloppier they get until they’re basically just kissing. 

then the two of them falling down next to each other on kira’s bed once they’ve smoked it all, holding hands, and kira resting her head on allison’s chest. 

them falling asleep and then waking up hours later, completely tangled in each other and giggling shyly as they both admit they’ve been harboring massive crushes on the other and they’re really glad something finally happened. 

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We’re just a bunch of teenagers, we can’t handle this!

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